Pottery: The Festival’s Best Kept Secret


Pottery at Timpanogos Storytelling FestivalNestled in the middle of Timpanogos Park is a place where sculptors and potters are born. Children of all ages line up to spin bowls and goblets on a pottery wheel, with the assistance of professional potters, and to assist in sculpting a magical dragon or a creation of their own.  Many return each year to the Pottery Pavilion, yet there are those who still haven’t discovered the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival’s best kept secret.


Here are a few tips to making the pottery area a part of your festival tradition:

  • Sign up early: the pottery area is only open from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm on Friday and Saturday. You can sign up at the Pottery Pavilion which is located right next to the Cliff View tent. Festival participants are able to make one project per day for free. The slots fill up fast so be sure to sign up early!
  • Best times to come: Friday and Saturday mornings are the best times to visit the Pottery Pavilion.  It is usually pretty slow then, and you will be able to spend more time working on your project.
  • Dirty Work: making a piece of pottery can be a messy job, but we have smocks and a place for you to wash up, so don’t let that stop you from signing up. We do ask that participants keep the sculpting area as tidy as possible, and wash off in the buckets provided, rather than the water spigot, to help prevent flooding.
  • Got your Pot?  You are able to keep your creation so please don’t forget to stop back by the Pottery Pavilion to take your project home. Whatever is left on the tables at the end of each night is thrown into to the recycling bin.
  • Make it Last: the clay that is used is able to be fired and glazed. Ask your potter for more information.
  • Missed the Boat? If you don’t arrive in time to sign up for working with a potter at the wheel, don’t worry! You are welcome to sculpt at the sculpting tables as long as your heart desires. The head potter will be there to give tips and may even need your help working on this year’s festival dragon sculpture.

Now that the secret is out, we hope to see you at the Pottery Pavillion!


Puppets and More at The Festival

Come experience unforgettable puppet performances, juggling, magic, and mime!


Timpanogos Storytelling Festival 2012 PuppetsAdults and children alike are amazed and amused as they enter the zany world of our creative performers. This year promises once again to bring smiles, ooo’s and aah’s, laughter, and TONS of excitement to each member of every audience. Adventure awaits as you may meet a fire breathing dragon, pirates, a magical bear and monsters, too-exotic birds, and a story juggler, just to name a few!

Purple Puppet


Our 2013 Puppetry Area Performers all have quite a following:

Lela & David Allmendinger
Drew Briney
Bruce Chamberlain
The Gashlers
Glenn Gilliam
Maxed Out Puppetry
Mark Pulham with Jason Warren & Amy White
Nat Reed
Dal Pal’s Rigmarole
Tattle Tales


A Magical Place To Be: Timpanogos Storytelling Puppetry!


*Our popular entertainers perform throughout each day on the Timpanogos Pavilion Stage.