Spider Fest “Get Inspidered”- on Antelope Island

Spider Fest “Get Inspidered”- on Antelope Island


Are you a storyteller who has a spider-themed story to tell, or do you know one? The Timpanogos Storytelling Institute would like to make you aware of the Spider Fest to be held August 9th on Antelope Island. We’re passing along this letter from Justina Parsons-Bernstein, the coordinator of the Festival.

“Hello Folks–I am looking for recommendations for storytellers who have stories to tell about SPIDERS. As you all know, spiders are important emissaries/totems/symbols/deities in many cultures and I am hoping that some of you may have contacts ​with storytellers who can weave a good yarn about this subject.

The first Spider Fest (with the great catchphrase “Get Inspidered” was held last summer at Antelope Island State Park–with fun activities and some scientific demonstrations. Here is a media story from last year’s event: http://www.ksl.com/?sid=26383365  

Festival puts Antelope Island’s spiders front-and-center

This year’s Festival is Saturday, August 9th. We are looking to expand the scope of the festival this year by including demonstrations by HUMAN weavers (love contacts for these as well if you have them) and Spiders as important cultural elements as conveyed through storytelling.

Thank you in advance for any recommendations in this realm.”



Justina Parsons-Bernstein, PhD
Heritage and Outdoor Education

Resources Coordinator
Utah State Parks
Office Ph: 801-538-7428

Cell Ph: 801-889-7209