Holiday Story Prompts – Do You Remember When?

Holiday Story Prompts – Do You Remember When?

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Greetings!  We hope you are enjoying a lovely frosty winter and keeping warm!


The holiday season is a time for stories. With traditions, people, and places we love, there are so many memories to be discovered and stories to be shared. Throughout the month we have been posting a story prompt to open a door into your memory. Please feel free to share your comments here, but more importantly, share them with someone you love.


These story prompts can be incorporated into your family dinnertime, special parties, and holiday travel.  The prompts follow the same pattern as Donald Davis teaches at his retreat – about people, places, and happenings.  See a glimpse of what is being shared.




> Can you remember a time when you went sledding and it didn’t go quite right?

> What is a favorite gift you have received?  Who gave it to you?

> Tell about a time when you were traveling but did not get where you intended to go.

> Can you remember a time when someone got sick during the holidays?

> Can you remember a holiday party you didn’t want to go to in the first place?


> Tell about a time when your photo with Santa didn’t turn out as jolly as you hoped.

> What is the first Christmas morning you remember?

> Can you remember a time when a special holiday meal when terribly wrong?

> Tell about a time when you learned from a child about the special meaning of the holidays.

> Describe a day when school got cancelled due to the snow.  What happened?


>  Tell about a gift that you really wanted, but your sibling got instead.

> Describe a relatives’ home you visited during the holidays.

> Tell about the quickest way to get on Santa’s “naughty” list at your house.

> Tell about a snowball fight you once had or a snowman you made.

> Tell about the person you will miss the most this holiday season.


> Tell about how you discovered or found out about the real Santa Claus.

> Can you remember a time when you opened a gift when you weren’t supposed to?

> What is the most creative gift you have ever given?

> Do you follow a certain tradition from the land of your ancestry?

> Tell about the first time when you could not be home during the holidays.

> Can you take us back home with you for a childhood holiday meal?


> Can you remember a holiday you would like to live over again?

> Tell us about a time when you were playing and someone got hurt or something got broken.

> Tell about a special place you like to go to see holiday lights or decorations.

> Tell about a holiday shopping trip with your mother or other family member.

> What smell reminds you most of the holidays and why?