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Timpanogos Storytelling Encore Benefit Festival!
In response to numerous requests from storytelling fans begging for “a bit more time to enjoy the stories,” we are thrilled to announce an encore of the virtual 2020 Timpanogos Storytelling Festival! The event will run from midnight on 12/25/20 to midnight on 1/03/21. We are so grateful to our storytellers who enthusiastically learned new ways to tell their stories and have given us a huge dose of good medicine during this unique and challenging time. As a holiday gift to show our appreciation, 75% of the Encore Festival profits will be divided among this year’s featured tellers and guest emcee/storytellers.

The Encore Festival will also benefit you, our loyal storytelling fans, giving you the opportunity to watch the stories you missed, share stories you loved with family and friends, and give the gift of stories to those who need a little extra holiday cheer. Tickets will be $25 until 12/21. During the holiday week beginning 12/22/20, tickets will be $30 and will be sold directly through Bizzabo. To purchase tickets, please visit our website,, click on “Purchase Encore Pass,” and use your Timpanogos Storytelling login and password

We wish each of you a joyous holiday season and hope you can find time to relax and enjoy wonderful stories during the holiday break.

Warm wishes,

Timpanogos Storytelling Institute


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What does the 2020 Timpanogos Storytelling Encore Festival include?

The Encore Festival includes all of the stories from the 2020 Virtual Festival—118 sessions with stories, music, and programs, each ranging from a few minutes to a few hours.

Why is the Festival being offered again?

We’ve received many requests for more time to enjoy the stories. We are thrilled to offer a second chance for those who weren’t able to “join” us for the Virtual Festival or for those who want more time to enjoy the stories. The holidays are the perfect time for uplifting stories as many of us will have time off work and school and will likely not be able to enjoy many of the same holiday traditions as in the past.

Who will benefit from the Festival proceeds?

Another important reason for the Festival Encore is to show our appreciation to our Storytellers and Sponsors. Since 2020 has been an especially hard year for them due to the cancellation of most Festivals and events, we will divide 75% of Encore profits between them. This is possible because our production costs have been mostly covered, so the Encore expenses are much lower than the original Festival. We are also excited to have another opportunity to show our appreciation to our Sponsors and to allow them more time to enjoy the stories as well.

Can I give the Encore Festival as a gift?

Yes! It’s a wonderful gift that truly “keeps on giving!” Even after the Festival is over, the stories will live on and will be retold again and again. And, the stories heard during the Festival will help each of us remember and share our own stories. To give the Festival as a gift, just enter the number of gifts (plus your pass, if applicable) on the order screen. Enter first name, last name, and email address for each recipient. IMPORTANT: Each email address must be unique. Upon checkout, your information will be entered, so there is no need to list your information in the Gift section.

How do I watch the stories?

Passholders will receive a link during the week of December 21st and will be able to logon to the Bizzabo platform using Google Chrome (other browsers may work, but Chrome is the most reliable option). All stories and programs are on-demand and can be watched anytime, in any order, and as many times as you wish from midnight on December 25, 2020 until midnight on January 3, 2021.

Where can I get more information?

Please email us at if you have other questions or if you need assistance placing your order. Thank you!

  Storyteller Spotlight

Tim Tingle

Tim Tingle


Tim Tingle is an Oklahoma Choctaw and an award-winning author, speaker, and storyteller. His great-great grandfather, John Carnes, walked the Trail of Tears in 1835, and his paternal grandmother attended a series of rigorous Indian boarding schools in the early 1900s. In 1993, Tim retraced the Trail of Tears to Choctaw homelands in Mississippi and began recording stories of tribal elders. His first children’s book, “Crossing Bok Chitto”, garnered over twenty state and national awards, and was an Editor’s Choice in the New York Times Book Review. In June of 2011, Tingle spoke at the Library of Congress and presented his first performance at the Kennedy Center, in Washington, DC. He received his Masters Degree in English Literature at the University of Oklahoma in 2003, with a focus on American Indian studies. As a visiting author and performer, Tingle reaches audiences numbering over 200,000 annually and has completed eight speaking tours for the U.S. Department of Defense.

Location: Canyon Lake, TX


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Please join us as we thank our Timpanogos Storytelling Festival & Conference Sponsors! These organizations and individuals provide financial donations, goods, and services that make the Festival and Conference a reality.

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