If you had been sitting in the River Trail tent at Thursday night’s “Look Who’s Talking,” you would have seen two small children riveted to the stage. These children were Syd Lieberman’s grandchildren and this was the first time they had seen their grandfather perform on stage.

Syd's Family

A few months ago, Syd sent an email with some exciting news. His daughter, Sarah, and her family were coming to our festival. Even though their Illinois home is closer to other festivals, Syd said there was no other one as family friendly as the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival. Sarah was bringing her two young children, Ezra and Zella, to see Syd on stage. He had often told them stories at home and at pre-school, but they had never seen their grandfather perform on stage. Syd couldn’t think of a better or more friendly place to have them come.


When they arrived at the park for the first time, Syd told Ezra he would be telling his stories on stage. Ezra exclaimed, “On stage?!” When Syd began telling his story, Ezra and Zella’s faces lit up. They clapped and smiled and loved hearing Grandpa Lieberman tell a story about their own mom when she was younger.


Besides hearing their grandfather, Ezra and Zella were very excited to hear Ed Stivender in person. They had listened to his CDs several times and when their mom told them Ed was going to be there, they couldn’t wait. Sarah said it was like meeting a celebrity when they met Ed.


What an honor it was to host Syd’s family and create that amazing opportunity for Ezra and Zella to see their grandfather perform on stage many times and be loved and cheered by the wonderful people that attend the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival.