Timpchat - festival 2015Another storytelling festival has come to an end, and we’re left to share the stories, laughs and lessons with our family and friends. Stories offer many takeaways if you’re looking for them.  Below are just a few mixed in with the lies, laughs and life lessons.Timpchat - festival 2015 4

Stories Unite Us

Storytellers have a special gift of speaking to what we all have in common via their own experience, true or otherwise. Aspen Gashler, who started storytelling when she was three, was a special presenter for Utah’s Biggest Liars (contest held around April Fool’s Day). Her tall tale of convincing her little brother to get into the birthday cake because her mother had told her not to speaks to everyone who has had a forbidden escapade with a sibling.

Storytelling Transcends Time

Tim Lowry, dressed as a 18th century colonist, shared the story of the Battle of Sullivan’s island. The battle, which really did occur June 28, 1776, pitted Colonel William Moultrie and his partially completed fort against the British navy. Whether the British Admiral truly flipped his coat tails up at the colonists resulting in his pants being shot off will remain a mystery left to history.

Family Matters

Many tellers are inspired by their families. Antonio Sacre shares hilarious tales from both his Cuban and Boston sides of his family. Donald Davis reminded us that the one family member in charge of bad ideas (you know who they are) is an excellent source of wisdom if his or her stories are shared. Shonaleigh, who was amazed at the giant crowd gathered for laughin’ night (In England you tell a story and you’re lucky if two dogs, a whippet and a pigeon show up.) shared what women look for in a man. “I married you for a thousand unfathomable reasons, and that’s why I love you.”

Stories Hold Life’s Greatest Lessons

Many jewels of wisdom were shared throughout the festival. Here’s just a few:

  • The dictionary is the place for answers- Antonio Sacre
  • A promise is a promise – Ed Stivender
  • If you learn something, that’s better than punishment- Donald Davis
  • All of the museums were left open during the war, and when Winston Churchill was asked why, he said, “That’s our culture. That is what we are fighting for!” – Pippa White
  • When you have dug yourself a hole and jumped in it, I just want you to remember, love conquers all. – Bill Harl004Timpchat - festival 2015 2ey

A special thanks to all who attended and volunteered! See you again next year!


To hear a Gullah storyteller, check out this YouTube video.

The Magic Orange Tree and Other Haitian Tales as shared by Jim May is available here.

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