Tim Lowry1-LTim Lowry is back with his southern charm, dry wit and hopefully a Gullah story or two. To listen to Tim is to come to an understanding that he really loves people, I mean really loves people with all of their quirks, their frailties, and their strengths. His respect and admiration is juxtaposed with a playful love of the ironic. We’ve asked him a few questions to help you get to know and love him a bit as well.


  1. What is the first story you remember hearing and/or the first story you remember telling?

I remember my babysitter telling me the Wide Mouth Frog. I still tell that story all the time! The first story that I remember telling is the Twist Mouth Family. We were huddled in a basement with friends in Macon, GA waiting for a tornado threat to pass. I was upset and frightened and my mom suggested I tell that story since we were sitting in candlelight. The storytelling kept me from worrying about the tornado and my audience enjoyed the tale. I think I became a storyteller at the moment! I six years old.

  1. How was the seed of storytelling planted in your life?

My mom read books to me, my Sunday school teachers told me bible stories, my first grade teacher told us folk tales and sang folk songs, my fourth grade teacher encouraged me to write stories, my fifth grade teacher was an excellent folk teller and musician, my high school drama teacher ALWAYS had me enter the annual storytelling competitions. It was a team effort. Lots of folks planted storytelling seeds and they all took! I love to read, I tell bible stories, I have over 125 folk tales in my repertoire, I write my own stories, storytelling competitions turned into a storytelling career. I am very blessed to have had such wonderful mentors.

  1. Where does storytelling grow from here? How do you want see storytelling influencing society?

I would like to see the pendulum swing back toward oral, face-to-face communication. Less electronic telling and more real life and in real time telling. As an American society I think we should encourage and participate in movements that foster the atmosphere required for person-to-person communication. The Slow Food Movement comes to mind.

  1. If you needed to start a dance party, what song would you lead with?

We have dance parties at my house all the time! My seven year old and five year old daughters are very into “I Feel Good” by James Brown. Owww!

Storyteller Tim Lowry



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