Josh GoforthFrom his Appalachian Mountain accent to his incredible talents on pretty much all the instruments, Josh Goforth is one of those storytellers you really need to hear in order to believe. With stories filled with the most original characters alive (he swears they all exist) and songs that will have you clapping and singing along, you can’t help be enchanted and transported to his boyhood upbringing in the Appalachian Mountains.
1. What is the first story you remember hearing and/or the first story you remember telling?

I remember the ghost stories my grandmother told.  Her accent was slow and haunting and as a kid, it scared me to death.  But I’m thankful now to have heard those stories.  The suspense she created taught me quite a bit about pacing.  It’s hard to pick a first one, people in my community were constantly telling stories.

2. How was the seed of storytelling planted in your life?

Storytelling was a way of life where I grew up.  I remember sitting for hours in the evening and hearing family stories from my grandparents.  There were so many interesting characters in the community that the stories seemed endless.

3. Where does storytelling grow from here? How do you want see storytelling influencing society?

Storytelling has much to teach all of us.  In a world of quick media and instant entertainment, our stories show us the beauty of a slow unfolding and help us reach a deeper understanding of our emotions and our shared humanity.

4.If you needed to start a dance party, what song would you lead with? 

Tough call, the song in my head right now is signed sealed delivered…Stevie Wonder.  I know, you thought it was gonna be some fiddle tune.  Haha
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