14_LH_Timp Fest 2014 - 80aOne would be hard-pressed to find someone connected to the festival who has not heard Donald Davis. He is a stalwart, veteran teller and integral part of the festival. I distinctly remember listening to and loving his stories during my first years at the festival as a child and continuing to enjoy his storytelling throughout my life. Now that I am grown with a young family of my own I am excited to share his stories with my own children. He truly is the king of storytelling today and we are happy to share a bit more about him with you today.


  1.  What is the first story you remember hearing and/or the first story you remember telling?


There were so many stories in the family in my childhood, I can’t figure out what was first.  I think the first story I ever told was the family story about my Uncle Frank’s foxhound.  It ran away from home and they found it two months in Baltimore, MD.  It was in a used clothing store barking at an old fox-fur coat…but the story took thirty minutes to tell.


  1. How was the seed of storytelling planted in your life?

When we went visiting the relatives, there was no television or anything else to do, so, the adults visited and the children listened.  I loved it!  I didn’t know it was called “storytelling.”


  1. Where does storytelling grow from here? How do you want see storytelling influencing society?


I hope families will incorporate their own stories more fully into their family lives.  When we know our stories, we know who we are, what we want to preserve, and where we want to go forward with our lives based on our own past.


  1. If you needed to start a dance party, what song would you lead with?


I would start a dance party with The Twist.  It is joyful and so easy that no one needs to know anything at all to join.  Just get up and twist!


For more on Donald’s schedule at this year’s Festival, visit: https://timpfest.org/events/28th-annual-timpanogos-storytelling-festival.