Lepp onstage 350x292Bil Lepp is a very candid and soothing storyteller with a desire to instill in all of his listeners the virtues of obedience and honesty. Okay, that wasn’t all true. Bil is a world-renowned liar and a favorite of the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival and my family. He has captured the minds of kids both young and old with his tall tales inspired by his colorful life. I’ve grown up hearing about Buck, Skeeter and Bil’s adventures in West Virginia and practically run to his tent every year he comes to hear more. We are always happy to have him, and hope that our listeners old and new have the chance to visit Bil’s West Virginia.


  1. What is the first story you remember hearing and/or the first story you remember telling?

My dad told me messed up fairy tales when I was kid, like Goldie Lox and the Three Pigs.  I was the last of five kids, so I think he was bored with the traditional versions, so he mixed them up for his own pleasure.


  1. How was the seed of storytelling planted in your life?

I got my start first watching, then participating in the West Virginia Liars’ Contest.


  1. Where does storytelling grow from here? How do you want see storytelling influencing society?

Hopefully storytelling will continue to grow.  It’s a great live event, so I hope more festivals grow, and that more people outside of the storytelling world find their way in.  I like doing events at places where folks haven’t ever heard a professional teller so they can find out that it is out there, and that it is a solid, family friendly form of entertainment.


  1. If you needed to start a dance party, what song would you lead with?

Boy Boys Boys by Lady Gaga


For more on Bil’s schedule at this year’s Festival, visit: https://timpfest.org/events/28th-annual-timpanogos-storytelling-festival