Timpchat- Donald DavisThe Donald Davis Retreat is just around the corner, next week to be exact. Have you bought your ticket yet? Yes, I’m talking to you, the one who has a secret desire to go to an inspiring five-day retreat to learn from a master storyteller, the one who has family stories to collect and pass along, the one who rarely spends money on yourself, but really doesn’t want to let this opportunity pass you by.  Donald’s hands-on approach and feedback will help you unlock your memories, tap into their story possibilities, and shape them into works of art. So, if you want to breathe life into your stories and nurture your talent, then act on that secret desire you have to be part of this retreat and buy that ticket before it’s too late.


For more details visit the retreat event page or purchase your ticket directly through Timp Tickets.

If you are one of the lucky ones that has already been to his retreat in the past, tell us about your experience.


Davis, Donald 200 square


Donald Davis Retreat
September 16-20
Thanksgiving Point