Kim Weitkamp Sept2015(2)  In her first story, Kim shared about the time she finally got her first bicycle and was so excited to be able to ride it without training wheels because that meant she could leave the driveway. Her father was the one to teach her how to ride a bike. He told her to get on the bike, grabbed onto the back of the bike, thrusted the bike forward and said, “Balance!” After doing a faceplant the first time, Kim was determined to not fall down again, and that was how she learned how to ride a bike. Remembering her father she said, “He was a survivor, and he taught me to be a survivor.”

The next story Kim shared was a brand new story about three kids named Chub, Little Joe, and Pitty Pat. Kim said she wanted to become friends with Chub because every morning before school he would raise the flag in his Boy Scout uniform, and “A man in uniform is awesome.” Chub was best friends with Little Joe who had prosthetic legs he called his cowboy boots, and they were both friends with Pitty Pat. After getting the training wheels on her bike removed, Kim drove over to the neighborhood where the three kids lived and asked if they could play. The foursome had all sorts of adventures including using Little Joe’s prosthetic legs to paddle around a lake in a boat.

Kim’s final story discussed the laps we sat in as a child. Laps we sat in that made us feel comfortable and safe like our mom’s. Laps we would try to stay out of like the lovable Aunt Louise whose lap you went into not onto, and laps we wish we sat in, like her fifth grade teacher Mrs. Ort who helped her turn what she believed was negative about herself into a positive.

Kim ended the evening by reminding us that technology is wonderful, but everyone once and awhile we need to just stop and connect with the people around you.Learn more about Kim Weitkamp at her website

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