Storyteller Antonio Sacre

Storyteller Antonio Sacre

At the invitation of the  Timpanogos Storytelling Institute Antonio Sacre will be performing a live concert on Monday, October 13 at 7:00 pm at the Orem Public Library.

He recently performed at the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough, and I am a big fan. He is dynamic, energetic, honest and funny.  He weaves English and Spanish into an intriguing tapestry that perfectly showcases the traditional and personal tales he tells.

If you want to hear a multitalented storyteller, author and solo performance artist who has graced the stage of the Kennedy Center, then don’t miss this opportunity.

Can I just brag a little? Antonio tweeted this recently and now I’m his 9,000th follower. He even sent me a tweet in response. Jealous? You should be. It won’t be long before he is trending. 🙂

Who will be follower 9,000? I’m HUGE on Twitter. Am I trending? Let me check…nope. Not trending. Sigh.