Here are some tips to help you get most out of your 2014 Timpanogos Storytelling Festival experience.

1. Take advantage of the free pre-festival concerts. If you have never been to the Festival before, this is a good opportunity to see what storytelling is all about. Check out Clare Murphy and Donald Davis at The Viridian Library & Events Center in West Jordan on Monday, or Bill Harley at the Gazebo at Riverwoods in Provo on Wednesday.

Viridian Center  Kick off event

2. Attend Look Who’s Talking on Thursday night to get a preview of the storytellers and find a new favorite or two.

3. Parents- The Festival is aimed at adults, teens and older children. Younger children will enjoy Bedtime Stories and events in the puppet area. Toddlers and babies in arms are not allowed in the performance tents, so please make the proper arrangements.

Timpanogos Storytelling Festival 2012 Puppets

4. If you have ever wanted to try your hand at storytelling in front of an appreciative audience then you should go to the Adult Swappin’ Grounds or Youth Swappin’ Grounds during the lunch break on Friday and Saturday.

5. Do you love live music? Stop in at the music tent between sessions to listen to an incredible variety of musical talent. If you love jazz, bluegrass, celtic, polka, folk, classic country, or rock’n’roll, you will find it here.

music- Julie Hill Music- the Hollering Pines

6.Volunteer 90x90 Parking is limited at Mt. Timpanogos Park, so use one of the designated church parking lots.

The shuttle service is fast and efficient and you get dropped off right at the entrance.

7. Performers feed off the energy of an audience, so relax and feel free to laugh out loud, sigh, gasp, cry, clap, and participate. After all, this is not a golf match.

Timpanogos Storytelling 2009

8. Invite  your friends and family along. It’s going to be a memorable weekend you’ll want to share with those you love.

If you have additional tips for festival-goers, please free to leave comments below.