Randy Evensen

Randy Evensen

Randy Evensen is from Orem, Utah, and has been telling stories since he could speak. He is a former teacher of thirty-five years to children in first and second grade. Since retiring, Randy has enjoyed telling stories in schools throughout Utah County. He also loves sharing stories around the campfire to his favorite audience, his grandchildren.

Nestor Gomez

Nestor Gomez

Nestor “the Boss” Gomez
Nestor was born in Guatemala and came to Chicago Undocumented in the mid 80s. He told his first story at a Moth story slam to get over the stuttering that plagued his childhood, since then he has won more than 60 Moth Slams and several Grand slams. Nestor also created, host, produce and curates his own storytelling show 80 Minutes Around the World a show that features the stories of Immigrants and refugees from different parts of the world, their descendant and allies (80 Minutes Around the World is also available as a Podcas).

Nestor also published a collection of stories detailing his experiences driving for ride sharing title “Your Driver Has Arrived.” To listen and subscribe to the podcast, to buy his book, or to learn more about Nestor, visit his website Nestorgomezstoryteller.com.

Nestor “the boss” Gomez
Nacio en Guatemala y viajo a Chicago sin documentos a mediados de los 80. Nestor conto su primer relato en un evento de la Moth para poder vencer la tartamudez que atormendo su niñez, desde entonces a ganado mas de 60 competencias de la Moth y varios Grand Slams. Sus relatos han sido transmitidos en programas de radio a nivel nacional. Nestor es el creador, director y anfitrion de su propio programa de relatos 80 minutos alrededor del mundo en que se relatan las historias de Immigrantes y refugiados de diferentes partes del mundo, ademas de los relatos de sus descendientes y aliados.
80 minutos alreadedor del mundo cuanta con presentaciones en Chicago, New York y Detroit y Tambien esta disponible como Podcast. Para escuchar y subscribirse al programa y para aprender aun mas sobre Nestor por favor de visitar la pagina de internet Nestorgomezstoryteller.com.

Megan Wells

Megan Wells

Megan Wells began her career as an actress and director in Chicago. She also worked as a communication consultant to Fortune 500 companies. A lover of words, Megan helped executives craft presentations with great care for the structure, rhetoric, and dynamic of words carried from mouth to ear.

After a workshop, an enthusiastic client said, “You should tell stories,” and suggested a trip to the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough, Tennessee. There, Megan discovered the art of storytelling. After sharing a personal story at the open mic, Megan was approached by the MC, Rafe Martin. A featured teller at the festival, Rafe asked, “Are you a storyteller?” Megan replied, “I don’t even know what that is!” Rafe replied, “You are.”

At the end of the weekend, Megan found Rafe and asked, “What do I do to become a storyteller?” Rafe advised, “Find stories you love and tell them.”

Megan has been following his sage words ever since.

Megan is a respected and experienced story and theater artist. She is known for creating an intimate storytelling atmosphere, infusing her characters with living souls, and delivering the experience with delicious theatrical timing. Author and Professor Rives Collins says it best:

“Megan Wells is both intimate and epic in equal measure.”

An award-winning storyteller, Megan performs in museums and symphonies, enhances education for thousands of children, entertains families in festivals and libraries, and helps executives, actors, and storytellers craft powerful stories to effect change.

With more than forty years of experience, Megan has developed an extensive story repertoire. Perhaps, her daughters describe her most accurately:

“Mom’s a storytelling jukebox. Put a quarter ‘n pick your favorite!”

Megan is also among the top literary storytellers in America. As the Artistic Director of the Ray Bradbury Storytelling Festival, Megan was granted permission by Ray himself to perform his works. Additionally, she is equally comfortable in the jazzier domains of Chicago’s current spoken word explosion.