Storytelling and Sochi

Written by Kim McCloskey

I’m watching the Olympics as I write this, speed skating to be exact. What I love most about the games is not the competition, or even watching athletes push themselves to accomplish amazing feats of strength, dexterity and endurance. What I love are the stories in all their varieties, the quests for personal triumph, the journeys of self-mastery, stories of redemption, the tragedies . . .

Timpanogos Storytelling Conference

Written by Kim McCloskey
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Hello friends! If you haven't had the opportunity to attend the Timpanogos Storytelling Conference, let me tell you, it is a treat. Imagine sitting with some of your favorite storytellers from the summer festival and getting to know them on a whole new level while learning the secrets of their craft. I had the opportunity to attend a series of workshops in August 2012 and . . .

We’re Going to RootsTech!

Written by Adrian Selle

Do you love family stories? Do you love technology? Do you love finding family stories with technology? If you said yes to any of these questions, RootsTech is for you! We are excited to bring Timpanogos Storytelling to the Expo Hall at the Salt Palace Convention Center this weekend, Thursday-Saturday, February 6-8th.

Holiday Story Prompts – Do You Remember When?

Written by Adrian Selle
Kids Peeking Through Door 1

The holiday season is a time for stories. With traditions, people, and places we love, there are so many memories to be discovered and stories to be shared. Throughout the month we have been posting a story prompt to open a door into your memory. Please feel free to share your comments here, but more importantly, share them with someone you love.

John McCutcheon is Coming!

Written by Kim McCloskey
John McCutcheon for blog

You may have heard John perform at the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival and if so,you know how entertaining he can be, but his festival performances are just the tip of the iceberg. On November 23 John is coming to Utah and this is your opportunity to see him at his best, on a stage, in full concert. John will take you on a journey and the whole family is invited to come along...

Congratulations to Kaleidoscope Pictures

Written by Adrian Selle
kp 200x200

We love our sponsors! Timpanogos Storytelling simply would not survive without them. Today, we would like to congratulate our superstar sponsor, Kaleidoscope Pictures. They were awarded a Regional Emmy for their program, The Song That Changed My Life: Howard Jones. Kaleidoscope first connected with Timpanogos Storytelling in 2011 when they filmed What’s Your Story? A Donald Davis Workshop. Along the way, they fell in love with storytelling. . .

Encounter at the Library – Part Two

Written by April Johnson
Facebook Hauntings Contest Finale

I tried to warn them, but they came anyway, all 24 contestants, came and told their scary stories. All seemed to be going well; no sign of danger anywhere. The stories were creative and fantastic. The judges and I agreed that time was flying by and we were entertained as was the audience. Then we heard a rushing sound coming from the north side of the room as the giant mass of red goo swept through the Storytelling Wing like a flash flood. What was I supposed to do? I had no weapons . . .

3 Storytelling Tips for Teachers

Written by Kim McCloskey

The key to making any lesson go from interesting to memorable is a story. A carefully chosen, well-timed story can help a student understand and remember the lesson, and – more importantly- understand how to apply the lesson to their lives. Researchers have found that a human brain can retain more information if it is given in story form then if it is given through a list. . .