Meet the Teller: Donald Davis

Written by Janet Low
Davis, Donald 200 square

If you have never heard Donald Davis tell his stories then you've missed one of the great pleasures of life. His stories of deep curiosity and humor captivate audiences. They are not for children. Nor are they for adults. They are for everyone! No matter the age span in your family (or number of generations), Donald's stories are an experience that brings recognition, smiles and laughter . . .

Meet the Teller: Carmen Deedy

Written by Debi Richan
Carmen Deedy

Ten Things About Carmen Deedy You Might Not Have Known: As one of our favorite tellers, Carmen Deedy is pretty well known. You’re probably familiar with the fact her family left Castro’s Cuba and were refugees when she was just a very little girl. You probably know she’s an award-winning author and successful editor. You most likely know she’s got a wit so sharp you can shave with it. Here are a few things you might not know . . .

Welcome to the Website!

Written by Adrian Selle

Welcome! If you are viewing this, welcome to the family of the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival! We have so much to share with you! It has long been our desire from the beginning to make information about the power of storytelling more widely available. This new website and blog will help us connect across the miles and in our own neighborhoods. Let us introduce you to the new website!

Pottery and Puppets

Written by Kenice Whitaker and Cindy Taylor

Nestled in the middle of Timpanogos Park is a place where sculptors and potters are born. Children of all ages line up to spin bowls and goblets on a pottery wheel, with the assistance of professional potters, and to assist in sculpting a magical dragon or a creation of their own. Many return . . .

A Short History – Part 1

In the late 1980s, Karen Ashton was serving as a member of Orem City's Library Board. One of her goals was to activate a Friends of the Orem Public Library organization to promote community involvement in the library and help raise funds for a new children’s library. You see, the current children’s section of the library was a dimly lit basement with no restrooms for the children and stairs . . .

A Short History – Part 2

Written by Karen Ashton

News of the Festival spread rapidly. By the second year the Friends had expanded the hours of the Festival, planned an additional evening performance at the SCERA Shell, borrowed another field for a fourth performance tent, and invited school groups to the Friday morning performances. The biggest surprise was dealing with all the school buses. One Provo elementary school brought their entire . . .