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FiddleSticks – Time and Again – Downloadable MP3


FiddleSticks – Time and Again – Downloadable MP3 (All Songs Zip File)

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FiddleSticks – Time and Again – Downloadable MP3 (All Songs Zip File)

1. My Young Love (He Moved Through the Fair); Banish Misfortune
2. You Ain’t Getting None of My Money; Frances’s Pajamas; Sandals I
3. Caribou Gumbo: Caribou Reel; Catharsis
4. Green Grow The Rashes
5. Grandma Betty’s Jig; Iggy & Squiggy
6. Colcannon
7. The Butterfly; Skidoo; Scots Reel; Butterfly Reprise; Road to Li
8. My Luve’s Like a Red, Red Rose
9. Brisk Young Lassie
10. Drunk At Night, Dry I’ Da Mornin; Irish Lasses
11. The Three Sisters
12. Elzic’s Farewell
13. Mystical Encounters of Homer, Aristotle & Sophocles; I Wish You
14. Ca’ the Yowes Tae the Knowes
15. Nearer My God to Thee
16. Bonus Track


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