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Tales from Timp 2011-2013 – USB


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Story Collection

Story Collection A USB with all the 2011-2013 storytellers;


Donald Davis “The Ducktail”
Antonio Rocha “Chicken and Crocodile”
Sheila Starks Philips “The Turkey Vulture Festival”
Mitch Capel “The Spellin’ Bee”
Willy Claflin “Lazy Jack”
Milbre Burch “Little Burnt Face”
Kevin Kling “The Mitten”
Charlie Chin “Bobo and the Big City”
Corinne Stavish “King of the Road”
Beth Horner “My Mother’s Mind”
Donald Davis “I Know You Have Stories”.


Donald Davis “Don’t Kill Santa!”
Clare Murphy “The Marriage Boulder”
John McCutcheon “Kindergarten Wall” “Grandpa’s Song” “Room at the Top of the Stairs”
Pippa White “The Great Blizzard of 1888”
Betty Ann Wylie “My Double Name, a Southern Thing”
Sam Payne “Secret Fighter: Kid Songwriters and Their Grown-ups”
Kim Weitkamp “The Old Stained Man”
The Storycrafters “The Cinderella Rap”
Waddie Mitchell “The Bear Hunters Bold” by S. Omar Barker
Dovie Thomason “Eya the Camp Swallower”
Antonio Sacre “A Letter to God” by Gregorio López y Fuentes
Bill Harley “High Dive”.


Donald Davis “Goldie, Goldie”
Beth Horner “The Pipeline Blues”
Antonio Rocha “Life Begins When You Turn 40”
Mary Gay Ducey “Book Thief”
Bill Harley “The Great Sled Race”
Kim Weitkamp “Love on the First Floor”
David Holt & Josh Goforth “The Drover’s Song, The Hard Way, The Rock Island Line Rolls Over My Head”
Charlotte Blake Alston “These Will Cary You Far”
Bil Lepp “Skunks”
Connie Regan Blake “Rag Doll”
Kevin Kling “Demolition Derby, The Three Phases of Prayer”


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