Donna Washington


Donna was born an army brat in Colorado Springs, Colorado, but traveled all over the world with her parents. From the dinner table, her father spun the wildest yarns imaginable and taught her Arthurian Legend and Greek Mythology by telling the stories in the first person, causing her to believe he had actually been with Merlin and Oedipus. Donna attended Northwestern University and was involved with numerous theatrical productions. It was at this time that storytelling reemerged as something she wanted to learn more about. In the four years she was there, she began to make storytelling a central part of her performance life. Donna has performed at thousands of schools and libraries and numerous storytelling festivals throughout the country. She offers workshops in storytelling, writing, education, and creative drama for librarians and educators as well.

Timpanogos Storytelling Institute
957 East 70 South
Lindon, UT 84042

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