Cassie Ashton


Cassie Howard Ashton is a mother of 5, and step mother of 5. She wears many hats, among them is storyteller and certified life & relationship coach. She loves telling stories and teaching others the value and power of their own story. Cassie enjoys helping others find and uncover the stories that help express who they are and how they feel. She believes one of the most important stories you will ever tell is the story you tell to yourself about yourself. Sometimes you may need a little help learning how to craft the story you tell to yourself and she helps people do that. How do you describe a storyteller? By the tales she tells. Cassie is a damsel, teacher, wild woman, wise woman, guide, heroine and oh so much more. She has been sharing her gifts professionally of telling and teaching since 1992. She loves teaching as much as telling maybe more. When she is not at home working with clients you may find her in a school teaching a residency or a library leading story camps. Storytelling is truly a labor of love for her.

Timpanogos Storytelling Institute
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Lindon, UT 84042

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