Tales from Timp CD 2016

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A double CD with stories from many of the 2016 storytellers; Daniel Morden “The Moon’s Gifts”, Linda Gorham “The Three Pig-i-zation”, Bil Lepp “Daddy Dog Killer”, Dolores Hydock “Everything I Know About True Love”, Alton Chung “A Sigle Flame: The Chiune Sugihara Story”, Joe Herrington “The Greatest Generation”, Donald Davis “Molasses Revenge”, Lyn Ford “The Old Woman and Death”, Kevin Kling “Train”, Geraldine Buckley “The Pedlar of Swaffam and the Last Gold Coin”, David Novak “Keeping Time“, Kim Weitkamp “A Simple Story” and bonus track from Donald Davis “Museum of Your Life”.

Tales from Timp CD 2016

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