Tales from Timp CD 2013

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Build your story collection with this exclusive Festival double CD sampler—a compilation of select stories from the 2013 Timpanogos Storytelling Festival.

Donald Davis "Second Chances", Geraldine Buckley "The Day That Changed Everything", Kim & Reggie Harris "The People Who Could Fly", "Let Me Fly" an American Folk Song, Bil Lepp Impossible Under Avderse Conditions, Liz Weir "Lord of Benbow", "King with Four Daughters", Laura Pershin Raynor "The Messanger", Andy Offutt Irwin "The Swing in the Park", Josh Goforth "Cindy" and American Folk Song, "50 Pounds of the Very Best" by Sheila K. Adams, "Guitar Boogie" by Arthur Smith, Ed Stivender "The Chess Game" by Morgan Ashton, Syd Lieberman "What was I Thinking", Barbara McBride-Smith "Mamma's Coat"

Tales from Timp CD 2013

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