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04 Jun, 2018

Orem Summerfest Family Storytelling Concert



Monday, June 4, 2018

7:00 pm

The Orchard at University Place

575 East Univ. Parkway, Orem (near H&M)


Orem Summerfest, Timpanogos Storytelling Institute, and University Place, along with grand sponsor dōTerra, are pleased to bring Orem a special night of storytelling as part of this year’s Summerfest events.

The program features storyteller and musician Sam Payne and BYU Associate Athletic Director, Chad Lewis.

With mesmerizing melodies to envelop his touching tales, Sam Payne tells stories with songs and sings songs with stories—interweaving the two so seamlessly that there is no need to differentiate. As an author, songwriter, teller, and teacher, Sam blends all four disciplines together and creates a unique form of entertainment all his own. Sam is also the host of The Appleseed: Tellers and Stories, a national Sirius XM radio show about the art of storytelling.

Chad Lewis grew up in Orem as one of five sons of Dr. Roger and Jan Lewis. While attending BYU, Chad married Michele Fellows. They have seven children—two girls and five boys—and recently moved back to Orem. Chad attended Hillcrest, Lakeridge, and Orem High. When Chad was a junior, the 1988 Orem High football team won the state championship, then placed second during his senior year.

Chad walked on the BYU football team after serving a mission to Taiwan. After playing tight end at BYU, Chad played in the NFL for nine years—helping the Philadelphia Eagles reach the Super Bowl with two touchdowns in the NFC Championship game in 2005. He has served as an NFL ambassador to many countries around the world (with a particular focus on China) and wrote the book, Surround Yourself with Greatness, published by Deseret Book in 2009.


The Orchard at University Place

575 E. University Parkway

Orem, Utah 84097

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