The Prince 4 Feb 2014

Mary Kippenberger

Six years ago Peter and I told stories at a local Hawera primary school. An 11-year-old boy was chosen to play the prince in Sleeping Beauty. The teachers looked a little ashen at my choice. The story began and the boy floored me with his talent. I had come across few as talented and took some time ...

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How to Perform a Story 7 Aug 2013

Cherie Davis, Steffanie Raff, Nannette Watts

You know when you see a storyteller who is engaging and delightful to watch. But how does he/she do it? What may seem effortless is actually well rehearsed. Here are some skills that will help any teller improve.

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A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned 1 Aug 2013

Karen Ashton

Sometimes brief stories can help us place historical markers in our lives. As a growing, financially-challenged family in the early '70s, I often shopped at a warehouse supermarket. It was something all the young families did to save money. I usually had three or four children with me as I shopped.

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