ADULT–Festival Weekend Pass–2017

Thursday–Saturday, September 7–9, 2017

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*Early bird pricing good until August 1, 2017

This ADULT Weekend Pass includes ALL DAY storytelling at Ashton Gardens BOTH Friday and Saturday PLUS the following evening events:
Thursday's Look Who's Talking–7:00 PM

Friday's Bedtime Stories–5:45 PM, My Favorite Stories–8:00 PM, or Shivers in the Night (Ghost Stories)–9:00 PM

Saturday's Laughin' Night–8:00 PM–Choose one location:
Laughin’ Night at the Garden Amphitheater
Laughin’ Night at the Electric Park
Please select your Saturday night venue thoughtfully. Location choices are non transferrable.

If you would like to also attend the Timpanogos Storytelling Conference on Thursday, September 7, 2017, please go back to the main ticket page and choose the "ADULT COMBO–Conference & Festival Weekend Pass–2017"

The Garden Amphitheater is split into different sections: a blanket area, a low back chair area (no taller than 30 inches), and a high back chair area. Each section will have a designated area that will be clearly marked.
If attendees are interested in having a chair for the performance, they need to bring their own and sit in the appropriate area. There will also be designated areas for wheelchair seating along the rim of the amphitheater.

The Electric Park Pavilion will have chairs set up for all attendees. The distance from the Ashton Gardens to the Electric Park Pavilion is 1.9 miles, driving is recommended (shuttles are not provided.)

To see event locations, seating map, and to find out who is performing where go back to the main ticket page for additional information.

We recommend staying onsite at the Festival for dinner on Friday, due to the high volume of traffic around the area in the evenings.

ADULT–Festival Weekend Pass–2017

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