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Getting to know Tim Lowry

Kim McCloskey

Tim Lowry is back with his southern charm, dry wit and hopefully a Gullah story or two. We've asked him a few questions to help you get to know him a bit.

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Getting to Know Shonaleigh

Kim McCloskey

Not everyone gets the chance to meet a Drut'syla, let alone hear her stories. What is a Drut'syla? Well, I'm glad you asked. Meet Shonaleigh, a storyteller coming to us from East Sussex, UK who was brought up in the Drut’syla tradition by her Bubbe (Grandmother). She has been a festival favorite and we're glad to have her back. Recently, we enjoyed a pleasant phone...

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Getting to Know Barbara McBride-Smith

Courtney Burns

Don’t let the sweet picture fool you, Barbara McBride-Smith is a firecracker of a woman with stories just bursting out of her. From Greek myths, to Bible stories (told with delightful twists), and personal stories that are both knee-slapping and heartwarming, Barbara is sure...

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Getting to Know Donald Davis

Madeleine Hamblin

One would be hard-pressed to find someone connected to the festival who has not heard Donald Davis. He is a stalwart, veteran teller and integral part of the festival. I distinctly remember listening to and loving his stories during my first years at the festival as a child and continuing to enjoy his storytelling throughout my life. Now that I am grown with a young f...

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